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Letter from Tatiana: April 2010

Below is an update we just received from Tatiana.



Dear sponsors:

First of all I wish you a great day. Through this letter I want to thank you for the opportunity you gave me to be your sponsored student. I am very happy to receive letters from you and thank you for supporting my education.

I want to tell you that right now I am painting two wooden sunflowers and will use them as a candle holder. I would like to learn how to paint faces. I was inspired to become a journalist because I like people, I like cameras and I like to be informed about things that may help others. I know it is a difficult career but I know that when that moment comes I will be able to handle things.

My parents and my brothers and sisters send you greetings and hugs. My brother Wilmer, the oldest, is 19 and graduated from high school last year. He is working in a shoe store. My sister Dayana (younger sister), is 15 and is in 10th grade. My younger brother Danvil is 13 and is in 7th grade and my youngest sister Nayla, the youngest of all, is 9 and is in 3rd grade.

It is great to know that there are people who are very happy to support us.

I also want to tell you that I am doing well at school although there are subjects that are difficult. However, with efforts I can pass so that I can graduate in June.

I want to tell you that Transito told me that once I am 18 they will hire me. I am very happy about it and feel excited because even though I am young I have many opportunities in life and I am taking advantage of it.

A very special greeting to Givology’s Team! I appreciate you very much. Kisses and Hugs. I will never forget what you are doing for me. Thank you.

Thank you for your support. May God bless you! Greetings.


Original Spanish text:

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