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Translation of Tatiana's letter

Below is a translation of Tatiana's latest letter. Thank you to Givology translation associate Lauren Yarger for your hard work!



A cordial greeting to my supporters,

I hope that you and your loved ones are doing well.

I want to tell you how this year went although 10th grade was a little difficult, since my God was with me at every moment and thanks to Him, I passed the year and will be entering 11th grade. I am very happy and blessed because I am going to graduate high school and am going to be able to study what I have always wanted: Social Communications and Journalism. I know that I am going to succeed at it with the help of all of you and of God because I want you to be proud of me. I know that there’s a lot left for me to do and at every step there are setbacks. However, I am going to overcome them. I am very happy and I want to share my happiness with you. The kids at Sunday school that I teach are very proud of me. They call me teacher. It feels strange, but the happiness that one feels when a child says “teacher, we love you”. That is fascinating. I feel good because I know that they are learning good things from me although I have had difficulties. I have known how to endure them and have gone forward because I have learned to better myself more and more because each step in my life is a happy one for me and for you because faith is love that I feel towards the people around me and towards God and toward you because you are always here, taking up a little piece of my humble heart.

May you have a merry Christmas in the hands of God and of your families. May all your goals and your dreams become reality next year. May each day, each minute, and each second that passes by days of happiness, of love, of respect towards life because life is the most wonderful thing that we have. I love you. Merry Christmas!


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