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Letter from Tatiana: August 2010

Please send Tatiana your congratulations on her graduation from high school!


Dear sponsors:

Kind regards. I wish you our Heavenly Father’s richest blessings.

Through this letter I want to inform you that I did well at school even though some subjects were difficult but with God’s help I passed. I also want to tell you that I graduated from high school on July 3rd. I am super happy. You can not imagine how much I waited for this moment. I am finishing another stage of my life, very important, which required a lot of effort and brings hopes. Another stage already starts; a stage where things are not going to be the same because I will be doing new things. I will need more strength and courage in this stage because I will fulfill new rules, I will meet new people, I will see new ways of doing things, which is the college stage. I am not too sure about all these yet, my thoughts have changed a bit and I want to study something that fulfills my expectations. I know that my God will give me wisdom and strength because in His hands I know I will choose the best career and something I like.

I want you to know that someone special came into my life and heart. He has supported me in everything I do and has given me strength. His name is Elkin Johan, he is 21, he works, and he is respectful, loving and kind. He sends you many greetings as well as my parents and my brothers and sisters. They all are doing well in what they do. Do not worry; I will soon let you know which career I will study.

Thank you for your ongoing support. You are like angels in this world that help those who need it. I thank God for letting me be part of you and for giving me a place in your hearts.


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