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Update from Tatiana, A High School Graduate!

Tatiana's graduation photo!


Hello Appreciated Sponsors,

I hope that you and yours are well. This letter is to tell you that, as you’ve already been able to realize, I’ve finished an important era, that of high school, and although I’ve started another era, which is to study a professional career. Well in this past semester I couldn’t start because I couldn’t present a reference but I’m going to present it in April and if God wants and everything goes as I’m thinking I will study Psychology. But this if with the help of God and I know that I can achieve it because of all the effort of you all, of my parents, and of my church and my own effort, it will be seen reflected in my heart. Because hope and faith are the only that you can’t lose. One year more of life, a year more of illusion, a year more of advantage, a year more wishing with all my heart and forever.

And her final grades!

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