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Update from Monica!

One of our translation associates, Lauren, wrote a personal note to Monica. We just received Monica's response (below).


Dear Lauren,

I’m very happy that you have read my story. I was very surprised that you all were able to read my little story and that you have given me inspiration to keep studying.

My biggest dream is to finish my studies and become a professional, “That Paraguay will become something marvelous.” I do not want to stop studying; I like studying! It’s normal, however, that I feel exhausted and worried about my future, because I don’t have all the possible resources to study with.

I still have three years left in high school, and after that comes college...
My parents are the main people who worry about my studies and about my health. Although I’m only with my family on the weekends, I sense how worried and desperate they are because there isn’t much money and we need to feed ourselves.

In my family, there are six children, four of which are in school. My oldest sister couldn’t finish her studies and now works in order to provide for her two children. She’s a single mother. The older of her children has a vision problem... he was born premature and could not see. She’s special.

My sister wants to enroll in an institution; however, it has its costs. The trip is very expensive.

So that we all can study together we need to travel together, rain or shine.

For the past five years I’ve been studying at someone else’s house, and even still I am doing well in school!

I don’t forget about the dreams that will help me, and that I will become the only female Agricultural Engineer in my community.

One day I will do it...!

When I become an engineer, I won’t stop there. I will continue to study other things, possibly pursuing a doctorate degree or another degree in architecture.

Poetry by Paraguayan authors like Augusto Roa Bastos, Sosefina Pia and Gabriel Cossaccia Bibolini help me relax and escape my worries. I also listen to music or watch television.

I am grateful to be a part of Givology. Good luck! I hope to hear back from you about your own life!

Your friend,


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