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A note from one of our students: "I want to be a member of your team!"

I never though that any of this would happen to me! I am extremely excited; I felt something very special after reading your letter. With my dedication to my studies, I am convinced that I will receive very good grades.

I like taking care of others. I would like to be a doctor to heal the sick or at least restore them and keep them living healthy lives. In my neighborhood, many people need care, and I want to be the person who helps them. Taking care of eyes and teeth would also gratify me.

If I fulfill my dreams, I would assist the institutions in need of material goods and attendants. This way, I would make sure that my country doesn’t have a limit on education resources available to everyone.

In the Institute, there is never an empty moment. The students are always trying to enrich their knowledge because the teaching is great. My favorite subjects are the fine arts, health, science, history, and literature. My favorite books are non-fiction novels and poems. I also pass time by listening to music, hiking, and playing sports.

I do not want to lose the opportunities that I get in life. That is why I ask God to illuminate my path and always do great acts of kindness.

I want to be a member of your team. You are working towards helping others and the world. I am grateful to be in Givology.

Thank you for everything,

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