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Hi, my name is Mónica Noguera, I am 17 years old and I live in the city of Tobatí, Cordillera, Paraguay. I’m currently in my final year of high school at Instituto Cultural Reinaldo Macchi. The Institute deserves recognition, thanks to it I have perfected my ability to understand and learn many things. I have put a lot of effort and forced myself to continue being an outstanding student, and it is with the constant support of my friends and family that I have been able to bear it. To attend the Institute, I must walk 1 km to reach the main road so that I can take a bus that drops me off in front of the road to the Institute. From there I walk another 1 km to get to the Institute. To do all that I must get up early and eat a good breakfast so that I have enough energy during the day.

It has been a big sacrifice for my family to allow me to attend the Institute. I come from a family with limited resources and several times during my time here, it has been difficult to allow me to continue studying. My mother is a housewife and my father is a mason and with my father’s salary we are only able to secure the essentials. In total, my family has six brothers and sisters. I have two older sisters who live and work on their own with their children, and my brothers continue with their studies.

Previously I was very interested in studying for a career in agricultural engineering, however today I believe that it is less likely that I will pursue that path.

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