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Happy Thanksgiving from Givology!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In three years of operations, Givology has raised approximately $220,000 to support over 2,875 students in 23 different countries through 44 grassroots partners. Our organization has 6,000+ supporters on Facebook, Linked-in, and Twitter, 2,440+ registered donors, 11 chapters started at universities, high schools, and various cities, 30 core team members and 90 volunteers globally. We couldn't have done it without you! Thank you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Thanksgiving Poem
by Joyce Meng

At the end of November,
When Thanksgiving soon arrives,
I hope that we all remember,
How a simple gift transforms lives.

As we celebrate this holiday season,
We implore you to think on a global scale,
That education is a reason,
Why the fight against poverty can prevail.

No matter where or who you are,
You can make a big difference this year.
Even if you give just one dollar,
Or one hour as a volunteer!

Keep on giving,
Givology Team

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