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10 Reasons to Support "Tea for Sri Lanka"

Givology will host our first afternoon tea party, “Tea for Sri Lanka,” in Manhattan, NYC next week. The event benefits two education initiatives in Sri Lanka, Tea Leaf Trust and Beacon Hill Academy. Both organizations offer intensive workshops to young adults in poor farmland communities. Offering classes in English, leadership, computer skills and more, these programs hope to empower their students to break the cycle of poverty.

If you're in the area and need a good reason to tea with Givologists, check out the 10 great ones we put together below. RSVP Requested. Hope to see you there!

* PRANNA Restaurant (79 Madison Avenue at 28th Street, New York)
* FREE entry with optional donation
* RSVP requested by November 18
* $28 Brunch Special - Includes Unlimited Cocktails
* Keynote address on the current state of Sri Lanka
* Tea, coffee, lemonade and delicious treats will be provided
* Network with New York's top professionals

10 Reasons to Support "Tea for Sri Lanka"

1. Feel Good, Do Good, Appreciate Education

Can drinking tea help us appreciate education? Sure! Tea can make us feel soothed and relaxed, so we like to think it’s the perfect drink to have while pondering the value of education in our lives. Join us as we appreciate the value of education and give the gift of it to students from Tea Leaf Trust and Beacon Hill Academy, two organizations in Sri Lanka that offer intensive workshops to young adults in poor farmland communities.

2. Nibble on Decadent Baked Goodies
That’s right, decadent, scrumptious, mouth-watering desserts to go with the assortment of teas. We’ll have desserts so tasty you’ll devour instead of nibble!

3. Cocktails for a Boozy Afternoon Tea Party
Don’t want to miss out on your boozy brunch? No problem! Pranna, which has generously donated its space for this event, is an elegant restaurant, bar, and lounge with talented mixologists who can whip up any cocktail you desire. Come early and indulge in their delicious MAD Ave Brunch special. $28 for Brunch and Unlimited cocktails!

4. Fair Trade Tea
Fair Trade initiatives build equitable trading relationships between consumers and the world’s most economically disadvantaged farmers and artisans. Fair Trade Certified projects guarantee fair prices for products and have a social premium which is invested directly back into the communities of workers through social, educational, and cultural development.

In Sri Lanka students sell Fair Trade Tea to support schools that teach them English, leadership, computer skills, entrepreneurship and more. These programs hope to empower their students to break the cycle of poverty. Come out and try Sri Lankan fair trade tea to directly support the hard work done in the tea fields, all in the name of education.

5. Beautiful Sri Lankan Art
At these schools in Sri Lanka, an entrepreneurial spirit is cultivated. Students take skills they have and find ways to make them profitable so they can put money back into their educations. Highly talented students created amazing art pieces which were brought over to NYC by Givology Fellow, Kate Hensley. You’ll have the opportunity to discover unique art and even purchase the ones you like.

6. Have Tea with the Man who had Tea with Terrorists
Talk about living on the edge. Acclaimed author, Mark Stephen Meadows went to Sri Lanka to understand the civil war so he could know what was needed to fix it. But he didn’t just go to Sri Lanka and travel the way everyone else does. He cruised through the war zone on his motorcycle and sought terrorist. For what? Tea and conversation folks. He’ll be speaking about those experiences as well as the importance of education to the development of the nation.

7. It’s F-R-E-E
You might be compelled to give a donation, but it’s totally your choice. Come join us, learn about the cause, spread the message afterwards, and we couldn’t be happier to have tea with you.

8. How You Doin’

If you’ve ever been to a Givology NY event then you know we tend to attract a sexy crowd of diverse professionals. These techies, bankers, lawyers, marketers, musicians and artists all have big hearts and want to help the world. Mix and mingle with a new, sexy crowd and add some spice to your Saturday afternoon brunch plans.

9. Live Entertainment
I’m not talking about Karaoke although I swear I can “do do doop” like Mariah Carey, hit the high notes and score a 99 for my rendition of Always Be My Baby. I would love to serenade the crowd, but we’ve instead commissioned local professional musicians to entertain our crowd of sexy tea-drinking do-gooders.

10. For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow!

Katherine Hensley is a Givology Field Fellow who spent her summer traveling to schools in Indonesia, Kenya, and Sri Lanka. She’s brought back not only fair trade tea for us to enjoy, but stories of life in these impoverished developing nations. With a heavy heart, desperate to make a difference, she organized the event after witnessing that, “the money is not ill managed; there just isn’t enough of it.” She vowed to help them raise enough money to send more kids to school, so come out and support the cause! Givology chapters across the globe are rallying for Kate and wishing the NYC Chapter a successful event! Come out, sip some herbs, have a cocktail or two, and support education for the hard-working students in Sri Lanka!

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