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Update from Chao Xu: Summer 2010

See below for an update from Chao Xu. Please send him your messages of encouragement - in stressful times it can make all the difference.


Dear Givology,

Love, what a warm name! She brought the colorful sun, the tall-stranding trees, the striking footprints, and the powerful song. Givology is like this burning love, bringing me the hope and courage to fight against hardship. Therefore, I deeply thank you for the love you've given me.

As to this past semester, I am very upset. Over winter break I had an operation for my sinus, which cost a lot, so our family's economic situation further deteriorated. Also my health hasn't been very good this semester, so I feel like life is tiring. However, I will not give up my education, for I want change, and I want success.

My family is good, my sister is in middle school. Because of school, we don't see each other often. So I miss her and my family quite a lot at school.

There's not much time for fun at school. I haven't played ping pong in a long time, because there isn't much free time. One of my only hobbies is reading, and keeping a diary. But I am satisfied. Studying is dry, but enjoying life comes after. A little fun is good enough. After all, it is said that bitterness is followed by sweetness.

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