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An update from Chao Xu!

See below for another letter from Chao Xu! We apologize that it has taken so long for Givology to receive and translate this letter. Please message him back to show your continued support!


Dear Givology:

My name is Chao Xu. I am extremely happy to receive letters from all of you. First of all, I really want to say thank you very much to all of you. I am also envious of you guys because I heard some of you are taking two art classes right now. I really don’t have much time to do things like that because I have to study a lot. I am a very normal kid from a rural family, but I am full of hope for my life. Therefore I am energetic and cheerful. I always think there will be a place for me when I grow up because I believe that when you have faith in what you are doing, you are likely to be successful. At my school, I really like to study Chemistry and Math. English is my favorite subject. I also like table tennis and wrestling. My dream is to be rich in the future and most importantly, help financially troubled people like me. I hope they can receive my love and kindness. Of course, I have to work hard in order to reach my goal. Therefore I will work hard and go to my ideal college to fulfill my dream. At the same time I also hope you all can fulfill your dreams.

Best wishes,

Chao Xu

Feb 28, 2010

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