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Translation of Chao Xu's letter

Here's the translation of Chao Xu's latest letter! The Givology translation team hopes you will message Chao Xu back to show your continued support.


Dear Givology,

Hello! First of all, I am truly grateful that you are willing to share our sorrow, pain and joy.

It’s been half a year. Everything is fine at school. Due to some financial problems, however, Peach Foundation can’t sponsor my sister before high school. My mother goes to see a doctor in Chengdu and works there in the mean time. If I got any problems, I can just call her. I live in the dorm and seldom go home. In fact, there’s no one there. My sister stays at my uncle’s place on weekends. As to school work, I think it’s much easier than that of last semester, but I still have some problems in English that I will have to work harder to improve.

I love to play Ping Pong, but I hardly get the chance to play these days. I guess it doesn’t matter any more because I have tons of schoolwork to do. Now my biggest hope is that my mother will get well soon and we’ll once again be a happy family living together. However, I am doing well at school and my sister and I can both afford to go to school. My mother is getting better and we care for each other. I am grateful for what we already have, but I want to make our life better. I’ll work harder and build a better future with my hands.


Chao Xu

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