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My Update!


El Cocuy
Dear sponsors:
I thank God for people like you who support us to achieve and surpass ourselves, and it is with joy that I tell you I have enthusiastically started my fourth semester of Chemical Engineering.
As in the photos that go to supporters, I want to tell you that for my birthday, my parents and siblings were there to greet me and share a lunch at a very beautiful place in the town where I study. I had a very happy time and my college friends also gave me a cake.
During my end of year holidays we departed to the national park of El Cocuy – my town – with some family members, who had a good time, but we had to walk quite a lot so some failed to reach and touch the snow.
Also I would like to tell you that for my fifth semester, I already have to move to another city that is bigger than the one I am in. I have many expectations of going there; I want to find a part time job to help my parents with my expenses, because my brother Carlos will also already be going to college and we will possibly be studying at the same university.
To finish, I send a hug and also a greeting from my family. May God continue to bless you richly.
With appreciation,
Johanna Alejandra

(Translation by our volunteer, [url=]Woo Jung Ko[/url])

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