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My July 2018 Update

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Dear Givology- Huang Yue Heng Sister,

Hello, I am He Wen Juan, with your help I successfully got into college, although it is definitely not the best school, fortunately I could come to a college campus, feeling the college atmosphere, knowing different local customs, my little sister and I have different sessions, two kids both reading books and all of it’s not compulsory education, so it is clear that a family’s burden has a lot of importance, however I had your help, as soon as I received your help my family’s burden decreased a lot, apart from this, little sister is also getting help that fosters aspirations, so my family’s burden can say it’s a big decrease, I am really grateful to you.
Arriving at college, I contacted people from all quarters, I came to know different local customs, I also made many friends, it’s really fun when we are together, the school is in Kunming, which does not count as too far, the first semester of the first year one is very homesick, during this semester already in a new year also hope everything goes well for you, everyday is happy, and work goes smoothly!
He Wen Juan

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