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Attached is He Wen Juans introductory letter and scholarship application.

My name is He Wen Juan and I am from Li Jiang City, Yulong Country, Taian Township, Hongmai Village. People who live in Hongmai, are very industrious. It doesn’t matter whether it’s extremely cold or irritatingly hot; these people get up when the sun rises and go home when the sun sets. Of those people are my parents, who have worked extremely hard to send my sister and me to school. They never complain or take out their frustrations onto my sister or me because they’ve never gone to school and have experienced the ramifications of such a situation. So even though their work is hard and tiring, they never say so and fight on, in order to give my sister and me a chance at a better life.
My family situation isn’t very good and my parents have taught me to live frugally. Whenever they go out to buy clothes for me, I don’t get picky; my philosophy on picking clothes is whether it can be worn. It doesn’t matter whether there are a few holes in the clothing; I can go home and sew it. I don’t want my parents to bear more burdens. Sometimes I watch my aging parents come back from the fields and realize that the wrinkles on their faces have deepened and the calluses on their hands have hardened even more. Because of this, I always tell myself that my parents have worked so hard for me and that I should spend my money frugally. My family used to warm up water by way of a fire and my parents had to cut wood and make a fire to get warm water.
I remember when I was in fourth grade, I broke my arm. My mother cried so much and my father rushed me to the doctor in the village to see if we could fix the problem, but the doctor told us we had to go out into the city to get my arm checked because the bone was broken. The next day, my father took me to the hospital and spent a lot of borrowed money to get my arm fixed. When we returned, my parents sent me back to school immediately because they feared that I would fall behind in my studies. Do you see how much my parents care for me? I have to work hard and pay them back.
I’m in the ninth grade and I have to get ready for the test that will determine which high school I can get into. I’m stressed, but I’ve met so many responsible teachers, respectable peers, and passionate teachers; I’ve met so many wonderful people so I am sure that I can turn my stress into motivation that will drive me to succeed. Under the instruction of these teachers, I will have the power to succeed.
Translation by Ru Ping Chen, Givology Team Member.

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