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My family lives in a small remote mountainous village located in the southern region of the province Shan Xi. In my village, roads are underdeveloped and the local economy is not strong. Despite the situation, the people are willing to persevere and use what they have to change and improve the village little by little. My family’s small farming income can hardly support all of us. We need the income to support the daily needs of our family, my and my brother’s tuition, and the medical bills of my grandfather and mother. My grandfather has already passed away, but when we were trying to treat his illness, my family borrowed a lot of money for his medical bills and is now in debt. Because of the earthquake this year, my house collapsed, and now my entire family lives in a small tent. Recently, the government has implemented a series of rebuilding plans, and my family has borrowed a lot of money for our new home. Seeing my parents struggle has made me feel very bad, which is why I have applied for this scholarship grant.

Ever since I was little, I’ve loved to read and learn. When I read, I can learn about the valuable things in life and see the radiance of people. When I feel depressed, I always turn to my books and immerse myself into the depths of the stories. Reading allows me to discover my own ambitions and path in life. This is why I hope to become a writer. I can use my writing to inspire people, encourage people, and comfort people. My writing will illuminate the dark corners of people’s lives.


  • Update from Fang Shen: April 2010

    Below is an update we recently received from Fang Shen. Please message her back to show your continued support! --- Dear Uncles & Aunties: Hello! It has been almost two years. In these two years, you helped me a lot and let me feel love, warmth, and this lovely world. “Thank you” is the most ordinary phrase in the world, but it’s also what I want to say the most at this moment. As 2010 is coming, I start another new page in my life. Everything is full of hope. I’m getting deep into my studies right now. I feel pleased when I see my teachers’ and classmates’ familiar faces again. I enjoy school life, lively classes, reading books, and howrelaxed I feel when I finally solve a problem. The feeling is just so amazing. Our school has moved to Tianjin High School this past year over the holidays. The new school is fully equipped and has a beautiful environment. Everything is improved comparing to the old school location. Although natural disasters are ruthless, there’s still love in the w...
  • Update from Fang Shen

    Dear Uncles and Aunties, Hello! I'm Fang Shen from Ningqiang No.1 Middle School. I'm genuinely grateful for your help. Growing up as a kid who doesn't know how to express my feelings, I can only use the most ordinary word to show my gratitude: uncles and aunties, thank you! Really, thank you! I don't know since when May 12 has become so deeply rooted in my mind. In that disastrous earthquake, many people lost their homeland, even their families. I can never forget my mother's crying eyes that day. I can never forget the whole country's silent tribute that day. However, I can also never forget the help I received that day. Catastrophes are ruthless, society, however, is instinct with love. Love can exorcise all the darkness in the world–in this disaster I finally realize what it means. I think I'm the lucky one as I live in a country filled with love and care like this everywhere. The love and care from thousands of miles away brings me courage and power. ...