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Update from Fang Shen: April 2010

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Dear Uncles & Aunties:


It has been almost two years. In these two years, you helped me a lot and let me feel love, warmth, and this lovely world. “Thank you” is the most ordinary phrase in the world, but it’s also what I want to say the most at this moment.

As 2010 is coming, I start another new page in my life. Everything is full of hope. I’m getting deep into my studies right now. I feel pleased when I see my teachers’ and classmates’ familiar faces again. I enjoy school life, lively classes, reading books, and howrelaxed I feel when I finally solve a problem. The feeling is just so amazing. Our school has moved to Tianjin High School this past year over the holidays. The new school is fully equipped and has a beautiful environment. Everything is improved comparing to the old school location. Although natural disasters are ruthless, there’s still love in the world. I’ll move forward with this love and will not feel lonely any more.

I have started the second semester of my junior year. There are more pressures and my schedule is fuller in the second semester than in the first one. But I’ll never give up and I won’t give up feeling sorry for myself. I was introverted and self-centered when I was little. I wasn’t pretty and didn’t do that well in school, so I didn’t have confidence and I thought that I couldn’t be happy. However, as I've grown up, I recognize that it can be easy to feel happy. You can be happy when you help others. If happiness is the standard by which we measure a person’s wealth, then you must be the richest people in the world. I want to try my best to help those who need help just like how you help me. So I’ll study hard and get ready for the future. Then I’ll be the richest person just like you are. I know the road may be hard, but I won’t be scared. You know the fir tree? It can survive in a gloomy and cold environment. I will just act like these plants and never fall backward in the road of my life.

I spent Chinese New Year in my new home this year. I felt warmer and happier. Watching the brilliant fireworks, I knew that my future will keep getting better and better!

Dear uncles and aunties, I really want to invite you to my hometown if you can come. You may be tired of the fast-paced urban life, so come here and have a relaxing holiday. It’s just spring now and everything is full of life. Birds are on the rooftops, wheat is green in the field, and there are waves on the river when a breeze blows. Lying on the green grass, you can see sprouts from trees, you can hear the babbling brook, you can smell the freshness from the soil, and you can feel so relaxed and free. I think you will like it here once you come. Looking forward to your visit!

Best wishes,

Grade 11, Class 10
Fang Shen

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