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Update from Fang Shen

Dear Uncles and Aunties,

Hello! I'm Fang Shen from Ningqiang No.1 Middle School. I'm genuinely grateful for your help. Growing up as a kid who doesn't know how to express my feelings, I can only use the most ordinary word to show my gratitude: uncles and aunties, thank you! Really, thank you!

I don't know since when May 12 has become so deeply rooted in my mind. In that disastrous earthquake, many people lost their homeland, even their families. I can never forget my mother's crying eyes that day. I can never forget the whole country's silent tribute that day. However, I can also never forget the help I received that day. Catastrophes are ruthless, society, however, is instinct with love. Love can exorcise all the darkness in the world–in this disaster I finally realize what it means. I think I'm the lucky one as I live in a country filled with love and care like this everywhere. The love and care from thousands of miles away brings me courage and power. I enjoy studying since I was little. I understand that studying is the only thing that can change my fate. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to realize my dream.

After this disastrous earthquake, I've become more mature, more considerate and stronger so that I look much more like a responsible young adult. I'm getting used to my high school life and starting to fit in. I like the atmosphere here: classmates are friendly, teachers are kindly and knowledgeable. When I encounter difficulties in my studies, they always tutor me patiently. With their help, my scores have improved significantly. Freshman year is exceptionally competitive-everyone studies desperately for the college entrance exam coming 3 years later. Under such circumstances, failures and frustrations are almost inevitable; however I will never give in or give up, for the sake of my dreams and also for the sake of your care. No pain, no gain. I believe that diligence redeems stupidity. As long as I persevere I will achieve my goal one day.

Uncles and aunties, my family is building our new house. Looking at this almost completed building, we sigh with all sorts of feelings. During that horrible earthquake, my father always said no matter how painful it is, we can and should recover from this dreadful loss. Now, we really make it. The thunderstorm has departed, and there’s a rainbow in the sky, pretty and shiny. The little village that once been severely damaged is regaining vitality. The hills are verdant, the streams are flowing and everything goes back to what it was, peaceful and serene. Uncles and aunties, thank you for giving this little village a second life.

Perhaps people can only mature after experiencing the bitterest sorrows of separation and death. After this earthquake, I’ve really grown up, I have, therefore, a clearer plan for my future. Uncles and aunties, I hope one day I could be just like you, being the one who spreads care. My teacher said that we should gain pleasure in helping people. If so, I believe you must be the happiest! To realize my dream, I will study hard. I will make my life valuable and colorful just like yours.

Uncles and aunties, if possible, I want to invite you to visit my hometown, a place with picturesque scenery. You’ll absolutely love it. I’m looking forward to seeing you here!

Best Wishes,

Fang Shen

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