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Update from Daiyun: Summer 2010

See below for an update from Daiyun. We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to write back - in stressful times, our students really appreciate hearing from Givologists.


Dear aunts and uncles at Givology,

Hello to you all! We had our monthly exam, so it took a while for me to write back to you, I am very sorry.

I don't really have much to say as my situation is similar to what it was in the last letter. However I would still like to tell you a few things that I normally don't want to share, some of my problems.

I wanted to talk about some of my dissatisfaction at school. Now the whole country is talking about reducing students' burdens, but my school is not doing that. Other grades only have class till Friday, but ours go on till Sunday and that makes me unhappy, because I feel like I am a free spirit, and I don't like to be oppressed or forced. The more other people force me to do something, the more I will dislike it. Even if it's for my own good, I won't feel comfortable. If I am not forced, I will feel that it is something that I should do, and I will do my best to do a good job. On the other hand, if I am forced, then I can't apply myself to it, and will only do a mediocre job. So, I feel that the forced additional studying at school will only have the opposite effect on me. Why wouldn't they understand our feelings?

The way the school is doing things makes me feel very stressed. It makes me feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I feel lonely, and that life is disappointing and I have negative views of the world, but sometimes I also feel enriched. However I feel that they are doing me more harm than good, and I really don't like it!

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