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Update: April 11, 2009

Dear uncles and aunties,

Although we haven’t met, I am really grateful for your warm help and kindness. I feel that you must be very nice and you make me know that love is actually around everywhere, though I do not know you well.

You were students, when you might be happy, sad, anxious or bored. My campus life is just boring. Everyone is surrounded by homework and textbooks. There is nothing but homework. No matter we like the subject or not, we have to finish all of them. However, when studying mathematics, my boredom will be gone completely. I am excited when I am able to solve each question and I will not give up before I get the answer. When I keep thinking about difficult questions, I am motivated because I have some goals to achieve. Even though I have to learn subjects which I dislike, I will try my best to like them.

So far, I haven’t participated in any interesting extracurricular projects. I didn’t mean that I do not want to. Actually, our school has never organized any for us. Though campus life is quite boring, teachers and classmates are so nice to me that we get along well. Although we are from diverse ethnics, we are treating each other like family.

I have no idea what is going on in my family now because I have been away for more than two months. Yet whenever I call home, they would tell me not to worry about them and to concentrate on school. I know that even though anything bad has been happening they wouldn’t let me know. They do this all for me and I will not force them to tell me the truth. However, two months ago when I left for home, everything was fine. My parents were very busy with farming then. Fortunately my younger brother is much more obedient, whom my parents would praise on phone every time. I believe that’s because he has already been in the 9th grade. But the upcoming school exit exam becomes a burden to him, who finds it is harder to focus on studying any more. I really want to help him by his side and tell him to keep going; however I have my own study tasks. I don’t worry about him too much because I know he has already grown up. He is no longer the one who only wasted time and argued with me.

Whenever seeing my friends going home on weekends, I get homesick. However, since the day I left home for school, I know that it is impossible to go home as much as I want. I can only return home once a semester. Thus, I am looking forward to the end of this semester every day so that I can go home!

If you know about my dream, you might laugh about me. But I think it is very realistic. My dream is to make a lot of money and then to change the road to my hometown, which would make it easier for me to go home. So, if I have any chance to go to college, I will choose a major that helps me to earn money. My auntie has told me to do anything for money, which is my motto. So I have decided to study harder to go to college. By the way, can you tell me which major I should choose in college?

Uncles and aunties, actually I’m honored for your care and support. I am very thankful.

I hope you are happy and healthy every day!

Best wishes,

Daiyun Chen

Apr 9, 09

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