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Interview with Andrew Kay, CEO of World Literacy Foundation

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We were thrilled to interview Andrew Kay, CEO and Founder of the World Literacy Foundation, for our first live podcast recording session of the Givology Impact Podcast Series.

The World Literacy Foundation has an ambitious target of eradicating illiteracy by 2040 through a series of innovative projects and solutions. The Foundation believes that every young individual regardless of geography should have the opportunity to acquire reading skills to reach their potential to succeed in school and beyond. As a 30-year veteran in the nonprofit industry, Andrew is recognized as an innovative leader who creates meaningful and effective outcomes. An entrepreneur and innovator at heart, Andrew started his first community project at 16. Today, he lives in Melbourne, Australia with his family, and in his free time enjoys skiing, surfing, reading and the outdoors.

To hear his incredible story, listen to our podcast on Spotify, iTunes, or Soundcloud or click below.


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