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My 2018 Update

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14021: Dear Givology/Ms. Joyce Meng:

Hello! I am one of the students you funded/student number 14021. Under your funding, I have since finished middle school, and now am planning to attend college and be a admirable college student. Thank you for your help over the last few years.
The three years of high school went by busily and quickly. As a student who comes from a low-income household, I would like to express my gratitude for your funding. It is you who allowed me to receive the warmth of the sun, push away the trust and open my heart to receive the sun. Even though my family’s situation is relatively poor, it is still serene. Although there were struggles and hardships, I believe that there is sunshine after the rain and wind. Not to mention that with your help I have changed my perspective, and my world is beautiful because of you.
Thinking about the past year, I went through so many different ups and downs, and I survived them. I tasted failures and also enjoyed success. Before June 7th (Chinese examination), I never gave up and always tried to persist to the end. All those were just to get ready for June 7th and to try to give myself a satisfying test. After the college entrance test, I had one thought: “I tried my best, no regrets.” I was like this waiting for my test. Working hard really was worth it. I got accepted into the tier of second-level colleges, and my hearts happiness was something I never experienced before. After the results came out, a lot of friends and family came to ask me my score. They all were looking forward to my success, and were happy for it. I felt very grateful. After the score came out, picking out a specific college was difficult for me. Afterwards, I found a teacher to help me pick. Under their help, I felt like there was no issue for filling my college request form. I did not expect that I was finally accepted by “Yun Nan Business School”. My major at this school is good, but the tuition is 15,000. My parents could not pay for this expensive fee, so, I could only withdraw. I waited to see if I could go to a school on my backup list. I then was accepted into a foundational second-tier school, and had to take an extra year. Now I am accepted by “Xinan Environmental School”.
After getting into college, hearing other people talk about college life as a paradise, “rich, and interesting”. But I did not think of relaxing, because I am not the same as others, because I am clear of my identity. I cannot afford to not work hard, please understand the money you gave me will not go to waste. The seeds you gave me will bloom into a bountiful tree and will cover a luxurious field, because this seed is already put in my heart. When I really go into the society, and contribute, I definitely will not forget to transfer love.
I am honored to write this note with you, to express my gratitude. I am very excited and warm, because the sunshine you gave me causes my world to bloom. Because of your love and help, I will have more hope for the future. When thinking of you, I will not hide from hardships. In the dark, I will be stronger. Here, I again express my respect and gratitude for you. Thank you. Finally, I wish upon you health, career success, and a smooth life.

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