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My 2019 update

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Dear Joyce,
Hello! I am a student you have supported for many years, ??? (Yong Tiyuan), sponsorship number 16538. I am incredibly thankful for your support these past few years.
I am from a remote farming village and both of my parents are farmers, in a home where two children go to school. The stress on our everyday life, as a result of our lack of money, has fallen onto my parents to shoulder the burden. As I watch them inch closer to old age, I sometimes strongly desire to leave school, to shoulder a part of that burden, even though I do not want to lead a life in which I am resigned to a fate contingent on a lack of education.
Thankfully, in my most vulnerable, helpless moments, your support me allowed me to derive a sense of warmth, to see the light at the end of the tunnel, motivating my eventual return to school. I am incredibly thankful for the help you have provided and the hopes you have had for me. No amount of verbal expressions of gratitude compare to the satisfaction of practical results, so as a first-year, university student, I will work hard to live up to your expectations.
Lastly, I wish you a healthy constitution, a prosperous and smooth career, that your wishes come true. I hope you pass each day with a good mood, and don’t forget to be happy!

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