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My letter

My name is YiWen Qiu; I am a child from an impoverished mountain community. I like to think of myself as determined, lively, and optimistic, with a love of learning, a passion for life, and the love of my community. Although right now I do not have much, I have my aspirations, and to this society so full of competition I have never backed away, because I believe in the future. I was born in a very remote area; at the time the surroundings were dilapidated, and transportation was negligiblethe roads were winding, dangerous, and painful. Because of the higher elevation there, many crops were not suitable, so there weren't many plants: no corn, wheat, herbs, etc. My parents rely on planting potatoes to support our family. Supporting me through school hasn't been an easy task; the textbook and tuition fees are high, and our high elevation makes it impossible to cultivate anything once it begins to snow. Because our ceiling is rather shoddy, the occasional wisps of snow breeze in, and everyone huddles together for warmth. From then I began to dream, dreaming of one day taking my family to a warm place, with fertile land and beautiful orchards, verdant cornstalks, and fields of wheat. There, I could eat sweet baked corn when I am hungry, taste crispy apples when I am thirstywhat a wonderful dream! I hope to one day make this dream a reality.

When I was old enough to begin school, the neighbors' kids all carried little backpacks as they bounced off to school, but I couldn't go, because our family's finances were limited, and my parents could only support my brother's education. By then I already understood, and could only hope that my brother made good use of his education. Seeing my brother bring home certificates, I felt extremely happy, proud to have such a talented brother. Soon enough, five years passed, and my brother graduated from elementary school, and grew taller. I was still rather short, because of the work in the fields, and my hands were already hardened with calluses. I never thought of getting an education, but one day my brother, about to rise to middle school, suddenly asks my mom to send me to school. He told me, Brother, go to schoolall these years I have delayed your education. At the time I begged him to continue his education, especially since his grades were good, but he was resolute, wishing for me to also gain an education. I was extremely touched, and he smiled; in his smile I could see his blessing and hope. Thus I took up the backpack, and began my life as a student. I began in first grade, and began working. In the following years I gained a fair amount of certificates, because I knew I carried a heavy responsibility: I carried my brother's hopes, the dreams that he passed on to me.

From first grade, it has already been nine years. In these nine years I have learned a lot: other than knowledge, I learned how to be a good person, to respect my elders, my teachers, and friends. I have done my utmost to help my parents, and when they are tired I help cook, do the laundry, etc. I am not perfect; for example, sometimes during class I get distracted, but I have tried to stop doing so.

Now I plan to work hard at school, prepare a good basis for my future. The obstacles in life will not trip me up, because I have the support of my family, and I will work towards my dream.
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