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My name is WenYi Qiu. Please fund me!


  • December 2016 Update: Qiu Yi Wen

    In the past year, my family's income has been really bad. No one wants our harvest, and since thats our only source of income, life has been tough. In the last semester, my grades have improved, but Im still not satisfied. I think I still need to work harder. [font=ArialMT] [/font]
  • My letter

    My name is YiWen Qiu; I am a child from an impoverished mountain community. I like to think of myself as determined, lively, and optimistic, with a love of learning, a passion for life, and the love of my community. Although right now I do not have much, I have my aspirations, and to this society so full of competition I have never backed away, because I believe in the future. I was born in a very remote area; at the time the surroundings were dilapidated, and transportation was negligiblethe roads were winding, dangerous, and painful. Because of the higher elevation there, many crops were not suitable, so there weren't many plants: no corn, wheat, herbs, etc. My parents rely on planting potatoes to support our family. Supporting me through school hasn't been an easy task; the textbook and tuition fees are high, and our high elevation makes it impossible to cultivate anything once it begins to snow. Because our ceiling is rather shoddy, the occasional wisps of snow breeze i...
  • Qiu YiWen: Student Profile

    Qiu YiWen is a new student receiving funding this year! His profile and translations are down below! [img]/images/user/28578_6694031794817857480.png[/img]