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Meet some of the Viethope Scholars!

Meet Toan
Born into a large family where the main way of earning living is farming. Toans father died early and the burden of daily expenses for the entire family depends on his mothers farmwork. At one point, Toan had to quit school because his family could not afford to pay for his studies. After spending some time working different jobs, Toan realized that education was the only way to change his life. That was why he made up his mind and decided to sit for the entrance exam to HCMC Economics University to continue his dream.

Previously, I had attended a university in HCMC but I could only complete 2 semesters and then I had to stop, because my familys income was not enough to pay all my education expenses. But I always continued to long to attend university, because that is not only an honor but also a new door opening to my future. But along with that is the burden that my family faces, the many worries my mom will deal with with all the expenses. I felt happy, and worried at the same time. But I tell myself that I will exert my best so that I can lessen the burden for my mother.

Meet Kim
Kim Anh was born into a poor and large farming family. Her older brother and younger sister are disabled. Her parents are aged and facing the chronic illnesses of elderly people. The 6-member family only depends on growing rice in some acres of land. To have better conditions for studying, opportunities to learn and hone her personal and ethical values and behavior in order to become a good citizen for society  that is exactly the dream that has never faded within Kim Anh.

I have often heard the phrase, each tree has its flowers, each family its situation, therefore I always think that no one can choose what circumstances we are born into, but we can choose the way we live. And the tougher the circumstance, the more you have to try. I am still more fortunate than many friends, because I dont have to walk alone in life, my parents are by my side encouraging me, and now I also have the VietHope family helping me. Looking back on all the difficulties I encountered, it is those things that became motivators for me to overcome and strive in my studies. First in order to achieve my best self, and beyond that, to be able to help those with disadvantaged backgrounds like myself. I am aware that currently I am not wealthy in material terms, but I believe that I have a large emotional treasure. I will always be ready to share my empathy and concern for others, with sincere feelings, so that I can help encourage, motivate and share when someone is in a hard spot and needs my help.

Meet Phuc
Phuc grew up in a family whose parents are farmers. Recently, due to failing health, his mother could no longer perform heavy physical work so his father is now the only bread-winner with many difficulties. When Phuc passed the entrance exam to Can Tho university, the joy was not full because his family faced financial problems for his studies (materials, tuition fee, daily expenses, renting a flat and so on). Phuc himself feels guilty that he is a burden for his family because he hasnt yet been able to find a part-time job to provide for himself.

I feel so happy and extremely grateful because VietHope has brought me not only financial support but also has become a great source of hope and motivation to me. The scholarship money has helped me and my family a lot, that was a long-lived dream that had never come true until now. Besides, VietHope has also helped me gain valuable experience through opportunities for me to make new friends and talk with volunteers in the Youth Development Program .
I have gained a new source of energy to motivate me in studying and training to reach my best dreams!


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