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Qiao Village Elementary School – Update April 2009

The money raised Givology has been used to purchase textbooks and learning materials for six children at the school, at approximately RNB134 per child. More information about the specific children benefiting from the textbook fund will be posted to this blog.

Phelex is working with the community and local school staff to identify additional student needs to improve their classroom experience.

Qiao Village Elementary School is located in Yichuan County, Luoyang City in Henan Province, 350 kilometers away from provincial capital Zhengzhou and 30 kilometers away from the major city of Luoyang. It is most accessible from the county seat by way of the Shaluo/Luoluan highway. The local economy is mostly agricultural, and major crops include wheat, corn and cotton. The Qiaocun jurisdiction includes eleven rural work teams and has an average yearly income of 2760 RMB per capita.

Students at Qiaocun Elementary School

Qiao Village Elementary School is a K-6 primary school. The school has 130 students, 67 of which are girls and 78 (about 60%) of which come from poor families. There are 8 teachers, one of which was appointed and the rest of which were provided by the government. After the implementation of the new national education equality law, incidental fees were abolished for all students. 29% of students no longer have to pay textbook fees, but the remaining students still must pay between 96 and 140 RMB for books. Since all the students are day students, none of them receive subsidies for living expenses.

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