Circle of Peace School is located near Kampala, the capital of Uganda. The school provides education to orphans and other children who are not able to afford the costs of attending public schools. Peace School was started by Joanita Senoga in 1994. As a Sunday School teacher, Ms. Senoga found herself teaching basic reading, writing and arithmetic to her pupils because they were not attending school. She recognized the dire need for preprimary education. However, she realized that nursery schools existed only in large cities and were thus unavailable to families in her area. There were 24 children in the first class that met in the home of Ms. Senoga’s grandparents. The prospect of the school continuing as a nursery school was cut short when parents began clamoring for Ms. Senoga to continue to teach their children. “You know we cannot take our children elsewhere,” they told her. So in 1996 a Primary 1 class was added. Each year another class has been added such that the school now provides instruction for all seven years of primary education, plus nursery school. The school earns operating funds by raising poultry. Children assist in gathering and selling eggs. At certain times of the year, chickens are also butchered and sold. Families contribute what little they can to their children's education and the school has a number of private individual donors.


  • Update from the Circle of Peace School!

    Some exciting things have been happening at the Circle of Peace School lately! For one, we are now a certified non-profit with 501(c)(3) status known as Circle of Peace International! We've also gotten in our Primary Leaving Examination scores for 2010. Eleven "Primary Seven" students scored in the 1st (top) level and three schored in the 2nd level out of fifteen total students. In August, David Davenport, a student from the University of Richmond, will use his David Projects for Peace Foundation $10,000 grant to build us a poultry farm that will make the school more self-sustainable financially. The farm will raise egg-laying hens. The profits obtained from selling those eggs will help support the school and its educational efforts. The beginnings of the poultry-farm AHEAD Energy, a non-profit which has partnered with both Givology and the Circle of Peace School, has been busy helping us with a variety of projects. In April 2009, AHEAD installed ten 120W solar panels,...

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