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Shari is 6 years old and in Primary 1. She says, "Life at Circle of Peace School is wonderful. I have made a lot of friends. My favorite subject is drawing. I draw all the time; sometimes I draw flowers, baskets, balls, girls or boys. My favorite color is pink. My favorite time of the day is recess and after we eat -- when we get to play before we go back in the classroom. My teacher reads stories to us. I enjoy them very much. I have three sisters and one brother. One of my sisters is in Primary 6 and my brother is in Primary 3. My mother died when I was just two months old. She died of HIV AIDS. Now my father is sick and he can't work or take care of us anymore. My father asked Headmistress MaryLove to keep us in school until he gets better. I pray for my father every day to get better soon. I want to become a doctor when I grow up and fight the HIV/AIDs virus.