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Photos of the CODEVA Library

We recently received some new pictures from the library! As a bit of project history and why your contribution really matters:

In 2005, the La Vallee community development Bank, CODEVA, established the Bibliotheque Club de L’Amitie to serve as a community library. The library is centrally located in donated space next to the market place in Ridore. Community members now living in the United States and Canada provided the initial book inventory. Sadly, in 2007 the library was forced to close due to lack of funding. Last year, members of the CODEVA organization re-opened the library and hired Mr. Francele Mamousette as the librarian. Bibliotheque Club de L’Amitei is the only library in the region and is intended to serve as an educational resource for all of the area’s 62 schools.

The impact of the project is significant because the 62 schools scattered throughout the La Vallee region lack reading and research materials other than textbooks. Most of the area’s 8100 children have no access to basic picture books, storybooks, or reference books. The library will allow these children to discover the joy of reading for pleasure. It will also provide research books to students and their parents, exposing them for the first time to the world of information. The addition of computer access will likewise broaden educational
opportunities. In summary, the library will help to combat illiteracy, promote leisure reading, and unlock potential for learning throughout the community. We're able to do this because of you!


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