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Dear Givology,
Hello! I am your student Qiuhua He. Please forgive me for not writing to you for so many years. With your help and encouragement, I finished my three years of high school and got into Yunnan Nation School and become a freshman. Thank you for your consistent help. Here I want to show you how much I want to thank you.
Time flies, I have grown up under your sunshine and learned how to face my life. I also learned how to socialize and how to help others in need. In a word, you taught me a lot such as keep clam, never say never and so on.
As a girl from a rural area, I never believed that I was special. It is with your help that I discovered my strong points and fill my life with joy. Words cannot represent my “voice” However, I still want to say thank you for your meticulous kindness.
Please allow me to give you and other students my truest blessing again. I hope they can also feel the beauty of life. They are not alone.
Give my best wishes to you!

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