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New University Student: Huang A Hu!

Dear Givologists,
I am Huang A Hu, the recipient of your boundless support. This year, I graduated high school. Beginning second semester of eight grade, I have received your help. Thank you for your support, for your continued care; I am extremely grateful, and will definitely work hard to get a good education.
This year for my high school exit exams, I did alright, scoring 504 points. The baseline for second-tier schools is 470, so I achieved second-tier. I was accepted by Yunnan MinZu University's App Technology School as a Business Management major, rather than Yunnan Medical School, which was my first-choice. When I went to Yunnan MinZu University, I even considered re-taking high school, but my family cannot afford that, and the difficulty of the high school exit exams is inconceivable.
I wish to forever remain young, never growing up, but I also don't want my parents to have to work bitterly, and I, who never wanted to grow up, thought long and hard. When I was younger, I didn't expect myself to graduate from high school, and my family conditions were even worse than what they are now. As the years past, I finally understand what people had said to me before. They called me surplus, but I don't think I am a surplus anymore, and I want those who called me surplus see now that this surplus has achieved acceptance into a university. I also am grateful for all those who did not consider me a surplus, my parents, the family and friends who stayed by my side, the people at Givology who care for me. Thank you. I will work hard, because only then could I improve myself, only then would I be worthy of all the support I've received.
Thank you! Best wishes,
Huang A Hu

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