EfforTZ was founded by four dedicated volunteers who spent years in the business, non-profit, and education fields. As board members and volunteers of a foundation operating an orphanage in Tanzania, they realized that without a quality education these children would always live a life of poverty.

They started EfforTZ to provide scholarships to these orphans and other orphaned, abandoned and impoverished children, including Maasai girls, to schools that would provide them with the education necessary to realize their full potential. The charity provides the children with scholarships to primary, pre-secondary, and secondary schools, as well as vocational schools and institutions of higher learning. The scholarships cover tuition, as well as the costs of medical care, clothing, school transportation, and where necessary, room and board.

EfforTZ’s also strives to improve the learning environment in the public primary schools by providing them with the necessary resources - such as books and basic school supplies – to offer a higher quality of education to the students.


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