Since its beginnings in Toledo , the D.O.V.E. Fund has grown to include 25 members of the Board of Trustees - most of whom are veterans - a full time liaison in Vietnam and many members spread across the United States from New York to San Francisco and Minnesota to Louisiana. There are several fundraisers held each year throughout the country by our committed members most of whom have visited Vietnam and recognize the great need of many of its people. In Ohio, the D.O.V.E. Fund holds 2 major fund raisers each year, an elegant dinner auction and an all day golf outing followed by dinner and prizes Many donors have a connection with Vietnam through a family member or simply want to help build a struggling new society. There is at least one major trip to Vietnam each year where those interested in meeting the people, learning the culture and understanding the rich tradition and history of Vietnam may join in the journey that is fun and rewarding.

For veterans of the Vietnam war who have been scarred by painful memories for decades, a return to Vietnam with other veterans can provide the ultimate healing. It is in this environment where many veterans learn to finally put Vietnam in perspective. The generous and forgiving nature of the people helps many veterans deal with the images of their wartime experience and start to remember a new Vietnam. To help those who were once the enemy is an remarkable personal journey that is lifechanging for many veterans.


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