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Atta is seventeen years old and comes from an extremely poor family in Akrofonso. Atta is cared for by his grandmother who is a subsistence farmer in poor health. Atta’s mother passed away when he was five years old, and no one knows the whereabouts of his father. Atta faced many difficulties throughout junior high school because he was often dropped from school due to a lack of financial support. Atta was unable to pay for tuition and basic school supplies. However, Atta is an extremely dedicated young man and was able to finish junior high successfully by attaining scholarships from the Yonso Project. However, he no longer has a sponsor and he is extremely fearful of not being able to enter high school due to insufficient funds. However, Atta is resilient. He is hopeful to find a support so that he can afford high school tuition, school supplies, and lunch money. His goal of one day becoming a teacher to help students like him motivates him every day.


  • Update from Atta

    Atta completed his basic education and gained admission to the Westphalian Senior High School which is about 10 minutes drive away from his hometown, Akrofoso. Atta is doing very well in his current school as well and hopes to achieve his goals in life. He said, “I will be very grateful to anyone who helps me to have very good education.