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  • Giving Tuesday

    [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]By Julia Tofan[/font][font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/1842_6906611015598731588.png[/img][/font] [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif]Graphic by Doris Li[/font] On December 2nd, we celebrate Giving Tuesday, a day dedicated to giving back and celebrating generosity. The tradition was started 4 years ago by 92nd Street Y, a New York City organization that values community service. Thanks to collaboration among many partners and the power of social media, Giving Tuesday quickly grew globally. Today, Giving Tuesday donations have grown 470% since 2012. Givology is honoring the day with its Fully Funded in 2015 Campaign, an initiative to fully fund priority projects and students for key partners including [url=]Escuela Caracol[/url], [url=]Starfish[/url], [url=]Tea Leaf Trust[/url], [url=
  • Fully Funded in 2015 Campaign

    Givology is launching our Fully Funded in 2015 campaign from [b]November 21 to December 31[/b]. This campaign challenges everyone to support and fully fund featured students and projects from our partners. The selected partner organizations have been driving locally-led, community-based education focused projects in different parts of the world. [b]Our aim is to bring about positive change by getting these students and projects fully funded by the end of the year[/b]. 1. Escuela Caracol Located on the shores of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, the school seeks to provide Mayan and international students in the region with a high quality education. Its most recent project is the [url=]School Lunch Program[/url] to ensure that students have access to nutritious food during school, which improves concentration, health, and attendance. 2. Starfish This organization runs by catalyzing female momentum to accelerate positive change in Guatemalan society, match...
  • Lessons from a Givology Fellow at the Circle of Peace School, Uganda

    [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/1842_12464976198714520302.png[/img][/font] Photo from [url=]Jonah Hetherington's Blog[/url] [b]How it all Started[/b] Jonah Hetherington, Givology fellow, first got involved with Givology when he met Givology co-founder Joyce Meng at a global finance conference and realized that his career and his desire to make a social impact did not have to be mutually exclusive. Inspired, he pursued a fellowship with Givology. Two months later, he was paired with the Circle of Peace School and faced the great challenge of making a difference in only ten days. Through strong collaboration, he brought his financial experience to the table and was able to do just that. [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/1842_8468081477724843054.png[/img][/font] Photo from [url=
  • Interview with VietHope: Annie Hoang

    Givology is really excited to partner with VietHope. Through a variety of programs, VietHope is making education accessible in rural areas of Vietnam. Today, the organization continues to expand quickly and meet the growing needs of a population who wants to get an education. We're interviewing Annie Hoang, Director of the Alumni Program, to learn more about VietHope and what they do. [font=OpenSansRegular, arial, sans-serif][img]/images/user/1842_15803969944151796653.png[/img][/font] 1. Why was VietHope started? What was the inspiration? VietHope was started in 2002 by a group of Harvard University students who wanted to make a difference in Vietnam in an area that they cared about such as youth development and education. The founders saw a problem that needed to be solved: young Vietnamese people who were attending school ended up dropping out at a high rate due to extenuating circumstances. They had to help their parents on the farm or maintain a business, and this was happe...
  • New Intern - Jo Rosengreen

    Hi, my name is Jo Rosengreen. I joined the Givology intern program in September 2015. I live on the Sunshine Coast in Australia and have three healthy, happy teenagers. We are extremely privileged to have been born in Australia, a peaceful country where education is available to all children. I am starting a new business which is related to childrens education and I have been looking for a charity to support which helps children in far less fortunate circumstances than my own. In July 2015 I started studying Psychology at the University of the Sunshine Coast, but that didn't last long! Two weeks in, I realised the degree wasn't for me. However, whilst studying on my laptop, information popped up about Givology. I was easily distracted from my studies and wanted to learn more. I am extremely impressed with what Givology is doing. The fact that it is 100% volunteer based and was setup by University students is admirable and something that I want to be a part of. I am currentl...