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Advocacy Project

Advocacy Project

Empowering civil society for social change
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The Advocacy Project (AP) believes that civil society can be a powerful force for social change. Inspired by this vision, AP seeks to support marginalized communities in the Global South that face poverty, violence, and discrimination. Working through Peace Fellows, AP helps advocates from partner communities to tell their story, strengthen their organizations, and launch innovative campaigns.


Founded in June 1998, AP was established to help marginalized communities and their advocates take action against injustice. AP defines communities broadly, and are particularly drawn to those that are despised and friendless. This has led AP to support – among others – Roma, Travellers, Dalit, pygmies, waste-pickers, and river gypsies. AP takes their side because it is the right thing to do, but also because they can produce gifted advocates who can mobilize large numbers of people to make the case for real change.




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