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My family lives in a remote district, neither of my parents has steady work, and our income is not high. For the past few years, because of several reasons, our lives have been especially difficult. In addition, my mother’s health is not good, so in addition to being unable to earn income, she must often see the doctor and buy medicine. Because my father has worked so hard, his health also suffers. Since I have entered high school, my family’s expenditures have increased even more. This year’s earthquake has also led to various losses for our family.


  • Update from Cheng Yao: September 2010

    Below is an update from Cheng Yao. Please message her back to show your continued support! -- Dear Uncles and Aunties at Givology: Hello! It was great to receive your financial aid this rainy fall. When my teacher told me you sent me money again, I was very excited. Thank you so much! I thank you not only for the money you sent, but also for the concern you’ve shown. Your help was right in time and I don’t know how to express my excitement. I only want to say: “thank you, thank you…” Although I am not “studying without eating or sleeping” like other people do, I am feeling the pressure of 12th grade. Every sentence out of my teacher’s mouth is something related to the Chinese college entrance test. They also keep pushing and encouraging us. My classmates are suddenly much more mature – they have become more logical and level-headed. It’s not even enough to say that they are “hard workers”. While I admit that I have been a lazy person since my childhood, I am doing my best to get rid...
  • An update from Yao Cheng!

    Below is a recent update from Yao Cheng! Please message her back to show your continued support. ---- Uncles & Aunties: Hello! On this sunny spring day, you’re like a strand of golden sunshine shining into my world. I feel lucky and surprised at your help because I don’t think that I’m that great. I’m so moved in my heart. It’s hard to express how grateful I’m for your concerns for me. We just finished a Proficiency Test which was organized by the province at the end of March. Since I chose science subjects in my sophomore year, I was worried about my history and geography before the test. I find that a person’s memory may fail as he/she grows up. That’s one of the reasons why I chose science subjects instead of liberal arts. More importantly, I’m really interested in things like deductive inference. Perhaps the subject matter that I’m learning right now is still very shallow, but I still feel very content while studying it. Fortunately, the Proficiency Test only tested on basic kno...