There is no faith without hope, no justice without compassion, no humanity without fairness.


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    You can now support Givology through online shopping-- something you probably already do anyway! Online retailers like Amazon,, and will take a percent of your purchase and donate it directly to Givology. Visit to see a full list of merchants. Every cent counts-- all donations will go directly to supporting education in developing countries. Why not shop and make a difference?
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    Another way to support Givology while indulging in (or sharing) some delicious treats: Baking for Good is dedicated to providing high quality, irresistible treats that are perfect for any occasion. Baking for Good will donate 15% of every purchase to Givology.
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    Givology is now on Twitter! Visit our profile and follow us for regular updates and interaction with the team.
  • Runa: The debt we owe

    Just wanted to share something that was posted on the Microsoft intranet by a Microsoft SDET, Jay Prakash Govindaraju. If you can overlook some of the awkward sentence structures and typos, there are definitely nuggets of wisdom to digest and consider. Why We Give Every successful individual or company with the goal of long term success respects a "give to the community" law. Apart from the principle and self esteem, for a company it is next generation educated workers and for an individual it is creating better place for their children. More importantly, community has brought us up whatever we are today; hence it is essential to giving back to the community. 'Give' is one of the social responsibilities for every individual. It is a service to our society. One of our purposes in life is to help other people and to give back in any way that we can. Giving to causes will make a difference. Since our birth to life as an adult, we have already created few debts in our ...
  • Round Two: Givology....fight!

    Good news! Out of the 527 ideas submitted for the Dell Social Innovation Competition, Givology is amongst the 100 semifinalists chosen to move onto Round 2. Thank you for your vote —we couldn’t have done it without you! We ask for your continued support so that we can advance in the competition and secure the $50,000 grant that will help us make a tremendous impact on education worldwide. Click here to vote for Givology ! To vote, simply click on the link provided, register for an account, and then hit the PROMOTE button (it literally takes seconds)! Thanks Givologists!