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Shiza Anam, a six year old girl, is living with her mother, two brothers and two sisters in red light area Lahore. Her mother is sex worker who hardly earns an amount of Rs. 7000/ month (US $ 83 / month) from prostitution. With this limited income she is hardly able to meet the daily expenses of food and other requirements of the family. Her mother is not able to bear the expenses of her education and health care. Her two sisters and two brothers are also not going to school as her mother is not in a position to bear the expense of their educations. Her mother wants her to be a prostitute in future but she does not want to be a prostitute. She wants to get an education and to become a teacher in her life. She thinks that education is the best way to fight against deprivations, poverty and to get rid of the prostitution. But her mother does not have enough resources for her education. She does not know about her father as her mother is a sex worker. Her mother also does not know about her husband and the father of Shazia Anam. Currently Shaiza is going to SHEED School but she is looking towards the donors to help her to meet the expenses of her education.