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Rosaline is a seven year old More than Me scholarship recipient who started kindergarten this year in West Point. Rosaline lives with her parents and two siblings. Her oldest sibling, Guine, lives with an aunt since the war. Rosaline’s mother finished school in the sixth grade because she did not have any money to continue and became pregnant shortly after leaving school. Rosaline’s mother sells locks for doors and toothbrushes making $21 a month and Rosaline’s father earns $20 a month using a wheelbarrow to transport water and other goods. Rosaline lives in one room with seven people.

Rosaline is a bright child and get good grades in school. Rosaline’s mother describes her as very obedient, friendly and outgoing. She washes clothes and dishes and sweeps and cleans the house. She loves science in school and says that she “would like to be Liberia’s president and help the poor people in the country and all the children go to school.”


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