Hi! I teach first and second graders at a small rural school in Western New York. I have the same class for two years which is so great!

Each year we try to do a global learning project to emphasize service, communication and empathy. We want our children to see beyond the rest of the world. This year we are so happy to join givology in support of Circle of Peace School in Uganda, Africa. We want to help these children as much as we can to have a school and get an education.

There will be two other classes joining us in the project this year.

I hope you follow our journey throughout the year as we try a variety of activities to raise money for Circle of Peace School.


  • Another Year Raising Money for Circle of Peace School

    [img]/images/user/1623_10726089483420141753.jpg[/img] My new first graders have been busy raising money again for our good friends at Circle of Peace in Uganda. We're anxious to see our total!! Stay tuned for details coming soon!
  • Project comes to a close for this year

    Our team of students at Fillmore Cental School brought our fund raising for Peace School to a close. We raised $2300!!! Enough to buy Peace School a new copy machine and mattress covers. We hope our efforts help the helping kids from across the ocean.
  • Specially Designed T-Shirts a Success

    Aren't these t-shirts neat? They were especially designed by a friend for our Circle of Peace School project. He was very generous and donated a large portion of the sales to our project. We'd like to thank Eric Farrington for his donation. He gave us $500 for Peace School. This really helps us to reach...and pass our goal! Thank you!
  • Joanita's Visit to Houghton College

    While Joanita was in Houghton and Fillmore, she visited Houghton College, a Christian Liberal Arts College in western New York. Many intercultural studies students and educaiton majors listened to Joanita share her story of Peace School. It was such a wonderful time together. The students were very responsive to Joanita's story and moved to act as they listened. Some expressed a desire to volunteer at the school, and others sponsored a child for $50. They understand the importance of an educaiton, and Joanita was overwhelmed at their generosity. We all grew very fond of Joanita during her visit here!
  • Joanita's Visit to Fillmore School

    What a great weekend we had with Joanita Senoga and her friend, Iria! Joanita spoke in an assembly at Fillmore School to K-6 students from our school and 70 students fom a neighboring school...and a few community members! The students were really paying attention to her presentation, slides and video. They had some very good questions, too! It was also fun to watch and listen to Joanita interact with the students. She interviewed quite a few of them as well as faculty. We were all touched by her visit and the Peace School children. In fact, one of my students asked if we could sponsor a child. So, we ended up sponsoring two children in my second grade class...and because of what this little girl started many of the $50 campaign children were sponsored. It was a great day at Fillmore School with Joanita!