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Philipa is sixteen years old and is the youngest of five children. Her father passed away several years ago and now Philipa and her brothers and sisters are all cared for by their mother. However, Philipa’s mother struggles to provide for her children, and often Philipa goes to school without money for lunch, school supplies, and a clean uniform. Philipa is a brilliant study who is interested in writing and one day becoming a journalist. She prays for a scholarship so that she may continue her education with the appropriate supplies to excel.


  • Update

    Current School: Adu Gyamfi Senior High School Goal in Life: Phillipa wants to be a journalist Current Level : Form 3 Phillipa said she is so grateful to the people sponsoring her to have a better future as she is really bent on becoming a journalist by profession. She also wants to contribute to the development of her community after graduating from school by educating other kids about the importance of education. Academic Report: We have yet to receive Phillipa’s report from her school.
  • Update from Manu Philipa

    Manu Philipa is in her second year in the senior high school and is very regular in school. She is seriuos student and wants to beat all odds to become what she wants to become through education. She nearly dropped out of school recently due to the mother's inability to pay school fees.