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In China, the children of migrant laborers are extremely vulnerable. Due to the limitations of the "hukou" (household registration) system, rural children who accompany their parents to find work in the cities are often deprived of educational opportunities. Recent research has clearly demonstrated that migrant children are much less likely than other children to complete the nine years of compulsory education mandated by the Chinese government.
The project “More for Migrant Kids” was launched in 2005. Through the MMK program, TECC volunteers provide extracurricular programs to these disadvantaged students and contribute to their academic and cultural development. Volunteers from SJTU and Fudan University serve as tutors in primary schools for migrant children, holding reading, writing and computer skills workshops. TECC volunteers also organize special events, such as painting competitions, and field trips to museums to expose the students to art and culture.


In 2008, the Shanghai Jiaotong University chapter of TECC launched the MMK program. Over the past year, TECC has provided arts and science workshops to 13 classes of migrant students from five primary schools in Shanghai. TECC also held a summer camp to improve students' foreign language and communication skills.
Below is a timeline of past MKK projects at various schools:
  1. 2008.1~2008.2 Yunhai Primary School Arts and crafts program
  2. 2008.4~2008.6 Xinshiji Primary School Arts and crafts program, science program
  3. 2008.4~2008.6 Wanxi Primary School arts and crafts program
  4. 2008.6 Shanghai Jiao Tong Universtiy Olympics-themed painting competition sponsored by McKinsey & Company
  5. 2008.7 Wujing Primary School PESI-TECC Summer Camp [PESI]
  6. 20089~12 Aixin Primary School Science teaching project sponsored by CSR & Company Ciba Shanghai
  7. 2008.10~12 Xinshiji Primary School arts and crafts program
  8. 2008.10~12 Wanxi Primary School Science experiment program


Over the past year, the number of children in the MKK program has increased significantly, as did the number of university student volunteers.
In the future, MMK plans to continue to scale up and improve the quality of its programs. TECC also plans to provide some books and school materials to its partner schools. Through our efforts, we will continue to extend access to quality education and extracurricular programs to this vulnerable population of students.

Team Credentials

The TECC team includes both Chinese and American university students committed to serving at-risk youth. There are TECC chapters at Stanford University and Smith College, as well as volunteer teams in Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong.
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  • More for Migrant Kids

    Above is a picture of the school that TECC's More for Migrant Kids (MMK) program serves. The children enjoy folding paper! The students attentively greet the TECC volunteers and teachers from universities in Shanghai. The students watch a science experiment unfold. Students volunteer to take part of an art activity! Everyone is hard at work, doing his or her part to contribute to the art project. Instructions are carefully laid out - each student's contribution will be combined into one final product! Everyone is hard at work, drawing pictures to celebrate the upcoming Olympics. Teams collaborate to design, draw, and color a banner to celebrate the Olympics. The final product is proudly displayed! Students leave the classroom to get some fresh air and to play games with TECC volunteers.