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  • Inline Training Skates for Kids

    Inline training skates have removable training wheels that help kids learn how to balance on inline skates and give them the boost of confidence they need to develop skating skills. Training skates like the Little TikesĀ® inline trainer skates are made in bright vivid colors which your child will love. And if for your daughter likes pink, there are BarbieĀ® inline skates which are feminine and pretty. [img]/images/user/78724_15599292785863227524.png[/img] Inline Skate Training Wheels The training wheels are designed to help promote balance and stability and will help children ease their way into [url=]inline skating[/url] on their own time frame and at their own level. There are two training wheels in the back that convert to one inline wheel for regular inline skates once your little skater is ready. When your child is ready to [url=]skate[/url] without extra help,...