Hi Everyone!

My name is Joyce, and I'm the co-founder and CEO of Givology. Welcome to our community! Please message me if you have any comments and suggestions, or would like to get involved with our cause. We encourage you to blog, message, and connect to other Givologists, and would be delighted if you want to join us!

At Givology, we believe that the education philanthropy should be an interactive, community effort. In particular, we'd like to highlight the importance of:

- Reading student and project updates
- Utilizing our messaging function to send a message of support to the students and projects that you sponsor
- Following our "Notes from the Field" blog to learn more about the research our fellows are conducting around the world
- Considering volunteering for our organization, whether you have 5 minutes or 15 hours to spare!

As a bit about me, I graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2008. Then, I spent the next two years at Oxford University on a Rhodes Scholarship. My site is here:

Welcome to our community! We're really passionate about education and are happy to have you here with us!


  • #myfavoriteteacher - your story to enable theirs

    We are excited to launch our [b]#myfavoriteteacher [/b]back to school campaign! This campaign gives you an opportunity to help our Givology students directly by making a pledge or simply participating. [b]How it works:[/b] Each of us has stories and memories of how teachers have made a difference in our lives. Share your stories, pictures, videos, and/or thoughts with @Givology on [url=]Facebook[/url], [url=]Instagram[/url], and/or [url=]Twitter [/url]tagged with [b]#myfavoriteteacher.[/b] Tag 3 friends to spread the word and maximize your impact! [b]For each response that we get, we receive a pledge from our donors[/b]. By sharing your story, you'll help us support our students and teachers around the world. In addition, [url=]if you would like to sign up for a pledge, please visit here[/url].
  • Dreams That Could Be

    We're very excited to partner with [url=]Dreams That Could Be[/url] in a story-telling project that shares the experiences and aspirations of children around the world. Allison and Andrew will travel to visit Abaarso School students, Cercle Social in Benin, and Aid India to capture photographs and stories to share with all of us! Follow [url=]@dreamsthatcouldbe[/url] here on Instagram.
  • Q&A with Nick Kramer, Co-Founder of False Reality

    [b]We're very excited to announce our collaboration with [url=]False Reality[/url]! [/b][b]For each product sold, they will donate 5% to Givology, [/b]We love the concept of consumerism with a cause and their dedication to sourcing exotic materials from around the world. Thus far, Nick has helped us fully fund the [url=]Raspberry Pi project[/url] to bring computers and technology into Tori Agouako in Benin! [img]/images/user/5_673697779579715105.png[/img] [b]Tell us a bit about yourself Nick![/b] Im Nick Kramer, and I am the Creative Director & Co-Founder of False Reality. [b]Were really excited about False Reality  how did the company get started?[/b] [url=]False Reality[/url] was created because we felt that you should always know what youre wearing and how it was made. After looking for high quality accessories that are responsibly made and not being satisfied with what was out there ...
  • Special Mother Day Campaign - Givology Giveaway

    [b]Our mothers play such an important role in our lives. [/b]Not only does a mother's love nourish her family and children, but mothers are at the heart of their children's education. Studies have shown that around the world, the more educated the mother, the healthier the child. Empowered mothers result in more educated, successful children. In the developing world, when mothers work, they invest 90% of their earnings back into their family (compared to 35% for men). [b]In celebration of mothers around the world, Givology will be giving out a Greentag wallet for every donation $50 and above until Mother's Day[/b] (Sunday, May 10th). By giving a Givology gift certificate to your mother or making a donation on her behalf, you give a gift that keeps on giving in supporting children and families around the world. Greentag wallets are made from 100% recycled excess jacket trimmings and fabric sourced from manufacturers in the Los Angeles fashion district. We're excited t...
  • Announcing our #GivWomen Instagram Challenge

    March is International Women’s Month to celebrate the contributions that women have made around the world to improve society and build a better future. Here at Givology, we’re constantly inspired by the heroic women in our network who fight for education and social justice, one community at a time. In the spirit of International Women’s Month, we’re kicking of a special #GivWomen Instagram challenge ([url=]@Givology[/url]) to share the spirit of volunteerism and feature the stories of women & girls fighting the world’s fight! [b]Duration[/b]: March 1st – 31st, 2014 [b]How to Participate[/b]: Send us on [url=]@Givology with the tag #GivWomen[/url] on Instagram an original picture focusing on volunteerism within your community. Include a caption that answers in one sentence how you think women have inspired change around the world. [b]Prizes[/b]: In the first week of April, we’ll be giving out $300, $150, and $100 Givology gift...