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Jartu is five years old and lives in West Point, Monrovia in Liberia and started kindergarten this year. Jartu lives with her young mother and has a two year old brother. Jartu’s father left the house and does not help out financially so Jartu’s mother is the only wage earner in the household. She sells cassava for $34 a month and Jartu’s grandfather pays the rent for their house. Jartu’s mother was never able to go to school because there was no money, so she does not know how to read and write. She has dreams of having her own shop selling lapas in the future, so finances would not be so difficult for her family. Jartu was sick due to a vitamin deficiency as a child and the family continues to struggle to ensure everyone is properly fed.

Jartu easily makes friends and is very laid back. She washes dishes and has learned to bathe and dress herself, so that she can help with the family. Jartu enjoys spelling in school and says she wants to be a big business woman who imports and exports food from America. Jartu’s mother told us, “Thank you for the work you are doing. I don’t have anything to pay you in return, but I pray that God multiplies what you have.”

Here is what Jartu's teachers had to say about her: Jartu comes to school every day and she has a very good behavior. She loves coming to school with her friends, but her academic performance is fair. She needs to improve more in her studies.


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    Some photos from Jartu's school day Jartu with family Jartu with friends