• How do you improve the Rural Areas in an African Country?

    There are quite a few things that have to be taken into thorough consideration when it comes down to the rural areas in the various African countries. Right off the bat, you should be aware that these are often places which are lacking in basic communications that people in the developed countries take for granted. For instance, electricity is without a doubt scarce if there is any at all. People still gather water from ponds and lakes nearby and then purify them through fire. There are tribes in the rural areas in some African countries which are still hunting animals in order to get food on the table. With this in mind, the most obvious approach would be to start from the bare beginning. Making Energy Accessible Right off the bat, the first thing that could significantly improve the quality of life in rural areas in a wide range of different African countries is to provide them with access to energy sources. There are tons of different solutions that are available right now, and t...