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The Global Peace Exchange and Earth Child Institute Nepal partner to in Green School Campaign 2012 to educate and empower young people in environmental issues through English Language Training. Given the dramatic effects that climate change will have in Nepal, students not only become environmental stewards, but gain the skills to have jobs outside effected areas, particularly in the English dominated sectors.
Four Florida State volunteers will partner with Nepalese volunteers at Jana Priya Secondary School to facilitate English courses for three months using environmental education as the medium. The primary environmental focus will be teaching children about climate change and supporting them to plant trees around their school to be a part of climate change mitigation. The course will include workshops, trainings, and field trips supplementary to the students’ traditional education.
The volunteers will additionally bring English books to create a library for students to continue studying English after the volunteers depart.


The Global Peace Exchange began in 2006 to create sustainable grassroots development projects through student exchange. In past projects, GPE has developed an English Library and Resource Center in Gitarama, Rwanda as well as taught multiple English courses to students and teachers. GPE is looking forward to partnering with Earth Child Institute Nepal which is initiating the Green School Campaign working with 200 schools in 10 districts of Nepal to reach 100,000 children and plant 100,000 trees by 2012.


The project will complete a library for the students to access books in English for continued learning. Bringing together environmental education and English Language Training prepares students for a lifetime as environmental stewards in Nepal’s setting while empowering them to access English socio-economic resources (jobs and higher-education).

Team Credentials

The Global Peace Exchange had had two other successful English Language Training projects in Rwanda. GPE is currently training a team for students to teach English and will apply their knowledge of climate change and environmental issues to the project in Nepal. The four students have extensive backgrounds in environmental studies, community gardening, reforestation, and working with students.


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