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As part of our commitment to health and sustainability, we cultivate large farms on both of our Njabini sites to provide fresh produce for our school. Our Farm Expansion will introduce fish-farming, bee keeping and increased crop cultivation in order to introduce new possibilities for self-sufficiency at our school. Agriculture is the single most important contributor to the economy and lifestyle of people living in rural Kenya. Our students will have daily opportunities to enrich their knowledge of farming and livestock, including exposure to new techniques and sustainable food sources that could help improve the standards of nutrition and promote new sources of income for their families and neighbors.


Since 2007, we have been partnering with vulnerable communities to develop and shape our mod-el, measuring our success one child at a time. We are now positioned to scale our programs and tri-ple the impact on women and girls in our small rural Kenyan village and beyond.
Flying Kites believes that providing students with access to high quality education and holistic sup-port is vital to alleviating suffering, increasing gender equality and promoting economic sustainabil-ity. By meeting the needs of the whole child, our programs give students the tools they need to build their best lives and positively impact their families, communities and country. The core objectives of our programs are:
Wasichana Pamoja -- female students are empowered to stay in school, develop strong and confi-dent leadership skills, and actively promote the unlimited potential of a well-educated girl
LaunchPad -- young adults are trained and coached to explore and develop a strong sense of self, identify options for higher education, and establish a life trajectory of self-sufficiency.


The majority of children who come to Flying Kites have previously suffered from ill health and mal-nutrition, and early efforts to promote wellness require an integrative approach to intervention. The Flying Kites school currently serves three meals a day to students from the community (break-fast, lunch and mid-day snack). As we break ground on our 10 Classroom Academic Building and prepare to meet the needs of 180 students, we turn our attention expanding our farm and we are hopeful to partner with Givology. At full capacity, our campus will be providing over 180,00 meals a year to vulerable children.

Team Credentials

Our farm manager, Rocky Muuri has over two decades of experience working in rural Kenya with international organizations. He is an expert in all things agriculture and has a team of 8 farmers helping him ensure that our students have access to fresh, nutritious and plentiful food.